Barcelona: PSG offer Adrien Rabiot for €5 million in January

Barcelona have been offered Adrien Rabiot for €5 million

Barcelona’s pursuit of a successor to Sergio Busquets may come to a halt in January itself. Adrien Rabiot’s contract saga at Paris Saint-Germain is seeming to come to an end, with club chairman Nasser Al-Khelaïfi frustrated at the lack of progress in negotiations.

Rabiot’s mother and agent, Veronique Rabiot, has confirmed that the France international is not signing a new deal. As a result, PSG sporting director Antero Henrique has contacted his Barça counterpart Éric Abidal to negotiate a transfer for the young defensive midfielder in January.

Paris Saint-Germain have offered Adrien Rabiot to Barcelona for a fee of €5 million in January. This is an opportunity for PSG to get something out of Rabiot’s departure, unlike the case with his summer free transfer.

While the management is yet to make a call on the January transfer proposed by PSG, contract negotiations with Adrien Rabiot are well underway. An annual salary of €10 million has been offered, with a signing bonus of the same value.

If he joins in January, the signing bonus would be divided in half for the €5 million fee to be paid to Paris Saint-Germain. Barça should delay the finalisation of any sort of deal for Adrien Rabiot as far as possible, in order to negotiate for the better target Frenkie de Jong.

Adrien Rabiot should be second-choice, because of his hot-headedness and frequent insubordination. He is undoubtedly talented, and is much cheaper than the alternative. But Frenkie de Jong has more potential, and can learn much more under Sergio Busquets.