Barcelona make their choice between Neymar and Lautaro Martinez

Lautaro Martinez has been on the Blaugranes’ radar for quite some time now along with Neymar, who is keen on returning to his former club.

As per, Barcelona might be forced to decide between the option of landing either of Neymar or Martinez. The latter however, presents with a much stable option which will be discussed below.

Club president Bartomeu is very keen on bringing back Neymar to Camp Nou. Barcelona failed to strike a solid deal with PSG in the past transfer window and should something like that happen this time, they can invoke article 17 of FIFA’S transfer regulations which could practically mean that Neymar would decide the transfer fee should he decide to leave Parc des Princes.

Neymar is the preferred option and there’s minimal doubt about it. However, some senior officials and players of the club are more inclined towards Martinez as it’s no surprise that the club is looking for an adequate replacement for Suarez who is 33 at the moment.

Martinez presents himself as a long-term option for the club and is currently valued at £111 million which is not excess, given his quality. His stocks are bound to increase as his career progresses and thus this is a golden opportunity to land the Argentine this July.

COVID-19 outbreak hasn’t done any good to Barcelona’s financial revenues as they’re missing out on the valuable match-day turnouts and the profits from the club museum which is known to receive more than 1000 visitors in a day. The lockdown in Spain is set to be in effect atleast till April 11.

Martinez is being circled by Real Madrid and hence Barcelona need to act quickly and they are likely going to go for a cash plus player deal should they decide against landing Neymar.

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It’s a no brainier that Suarez has lost his golden touch on account of aging and it’s only fair that Barcelona take their time to look for a player who can emulate Suarez at his prime. Landing Martinez would be a tactical brilliance on the part of Blaugranes as he’s one of the most potent strikers going around and he is a long-tern option as well. Barcelona should look to land the 22 year-old.

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