Barcelona dressing room divided amid potential wage cuts

Barcelona’s proposal over potential wage cuts has been met with differing opinions.

Barcelona and the rest of the world, not just football, are living through a strange and difficult times due to the coronavirus. The pandemic has stopped nearly all outdoor activities.

As for football, there is no timetable on when LaLiga, or any league, will return. With a worldwide stoppage, the revenue that clubs would have made on matchdays is now gone. But the players still have to be paid.

Because Barcelona have one of the highest wages of any team, they’ve been hit exceptionally hard. One of the solutions proposed by Josep Maria Bartomeu is to convince the players to take a pay cut.

According to Diario Sport, that proposed solution has not gone well with some in the dressing room. The proposal outlines a 70% pay cut during this layoff.

However, some players don’t understand why the club president is coming to them and that they are somewhat to blame for their financial situation.

Those against the proposal argue that some of the investments made in the last couple of seasons are partly responsible for that uncertainty and that was of the club’s doing.

In a sense they have a point because they’re asking players to take a cut while the club are planning on making signings that are going to cost quite a lot of money.

For what it’s worth Lionel Messi is one of the players who is willing to take a pay cut. Others are waiting to see what the Spanish Football Association (AFE)  decide.

The plan from the AFE would reduce player salary by 10% which is significantly less than what Bartomeu is proposing.

The situation with the coronavirus is unprecedented and everyone is learning on the job. Sacrifices are going to have to be made by everyone. No one likes taking a pay cut but supporters are going to have little sympathy considering how much players earn.

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With the Catalans situation, what it also shows is no person or institution is immune. No matter how large they may be.

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