Barcelona involved in a big dilemma involving Messi, Koeman and the board

Ronald Koeman (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
Ronald Koeman (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images) /

Barcelona board caught in no man’s land regarding a crucial transfer.

With Ronald Koeman now officially at the helm, Barcelona are expected to have a busy transfer window wherein there may be a significant number of sales. Among those up and listed in the market is Luis Suarez, whose performances of late have been very inconsistent, but understandably so considering the fact that he is ageing.

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In addition to being 33 years old, his most recent knee injury that left Suarez out for four months is very likely to slow him further down. Not to mention, he occupies a considerable wage share at the club with an annual salary of 23 million euros. The Blaugrana want to make space for Lautaro Martinez and believe getting rid of the Uruguay international will be the right thing to do, all things considered.

Diario GOL claims that the club has now involved itself in a dilemma where either the board and Koeman can be happy, or their greatest ever player Lionel Messi. The Argentina international sees himself more outside Barca than inside, but Suarez’s sale, who is the player’s closest friend off the field, could signal the end for Messi at the Camp Nou.

All parties are right in their own aspect.

However, the board and Koeman are thinking for the future and not keeping an eye on Messi’s needs and more so given the fact that he will have a team built around him regardless of who arrives at the club. Even in the event that Messi stays after Suarez’s departure, he will certainly not be comfortable in a completely newly looking setup and there may be a case of being isolated for the player, as has been with Antoine Griezmann.

Now that the board understands what the coach wants as well as knows that their best player is against the prospect, it will be interesting to see how things pan out by the end of the summer’s transfer window. Luis Suarez is wanted by Ajax Amsterdam and Lautaro Martinez, supposedly requested by Messi himself, is wanted at the Catalan city.

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Do you think Barca should sell Suarez and risk making Messi unhappier than he already is?