Catalan police accuses Barcelona president Bartomeu of corruption

Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, has been accused of corruption.

The police force of Catalonia, Mossos, have accused Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, of economic crimes for the purpose of personal gain.

El Mundo reports that Mossos have sent a report to the city’s judges using evidence from the ‘Barcagate’, confirming Bartomeu’s involvement in corruption, to gain personal benefits, which may have led to the club’s serious economic crisis.

The police have investigated the club’s president for his alleged role in the ‘Barcagate’ scandal, where the quarrel between the players and the management began.

Fans will be aware of the day when captain, Lionel Messi, took to his social media to convey his disappointment with the way former sporting director, Eric Abidal, blamed the players for the sacking of ex-coach Ernesto Valverde.

What followed was a series of social media events aimed towards hindering the reputation of multiple Barca players. The scandal was that the management hired a third-party agency known as I3 Ventures for this purpose but president Bartomeu denied all accusations.

Mossos, however, have accused the president of not only hiring I3 Ventures but also overpaying them six-times higher than the market value of said service. The report filed by them indicates possible illegal use of administration power including providing favors for personal gain.

The Catalan police have demanded evidence from the club to either support or discredit the allegations, while the president enters a public way against club legend, Lionel Messi. The Argentine spoke to Goal, revealing that he has been forced to remain at Camp Nou against his wishes purely due to the president’s desire of wanting an unrealistic 700 million euro transfer fee.

The only other option for the maestro is to go to court against the club he loves, which he will simply never do. The uncertain times at Barca have just been made a lot worse under the current management and only time will tell how long Bartomeu can remain on his throne.

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