El Clasico penalty decision against Barcelona filled with scandal

Latest revelation fuels controversy over penalty decision against Barcelona.

The El Clasico on Saturday was one filled with passion, emotions, records, and of course, as usual, controversy. The controversy this time was the penalty that Barcelona conceded after it seemed like Clement Lenglet pulled the shirt of Sergio Ramos in the penalty box. However, at a closer inspection, it is quite clear that the Spanish center-back pushed Lenglet first and thus the minuscule tug made by the French player should not have been counted.

The controversy reached an all-time high as it was revealed that the referee’s assistant repeatedly informed the referee that Sergio Ramos did in fact foul Lenglet first but Martinez Munuera ignored his assistant.

This incident has left a bad taste in Ronald Koeman’s mouth and he is very skeptical about the importance of VAR if the technology cannot decipher between clear fouls and mistakes. He also claims that human errors can be made but with a piece of technology it is hard to understand why decisions keep going against his side. In an interview post-game, he said,

“I don’t understand VAR, every decision against Barça. In five games, not one in favour and many examples: the (non) penalty on Messi against Sevilla, the (non) red cards for Getafe and today… there are always pulls in the area.”

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Barca are planning on asking for the audio recordings between Martinez and his assistant and will be looking to make a formal complaint with the RFEF. The club deserves an explanation as the incident was clear as day and VAR should have overruled the decision made by the referee.

Is Koeman correct to blame VAR?