Barcelona will find it difficult to meet David Alaba’s demands

Barcelona want Bayern Munich’s defender but cannot afford him.

After a public dispute between David Alaba and his current club, Bayern Munich, it is safe to say that the Austrian will not be signing an extension with the club. This also leaves his career in speculation as the defender will become a free agent at the end of the season. Bayern will be looking to sell off the player in January for a reported transfer fee of 30 million euros, as they will not want to lose a player of such caliber on a free transfer.

According to reports, Barcelona are one of the clubs interested in the 28-year-old. The Austrian seems perfect for the Spanish giants as they are in dire need of defensive reinforcements. Along with that Alaba’s years of experience and insane versatility makes him the perfect candidate to fill up the defensive holes at Barca. However, given the club’s financial condition, it might be next to impossible to acquire him.

Alaba was demanding a fee of 15 million euros per season after taxes, this would mean the player would cost around 30 million euros, not including the 30 million they would have to pay as signing fees.

Although Alaba is one of the best defenders in Europe, not even Bayern could justify his demands, and Barca by no means are even close to satisfying him. However, the Catalans also have Eric Garcia lined up and he might be a lot cheaper. Garcia is also just 19 years old and will be a better investment. We must wait and see which club can meet Alaba’s demands as Real Madrid and Liverpool are also interested in his services.

Should Barca sign Alaba or secure Garcia instead?