Immense tension in Barcelona and Manchester City transfer talks

Barcelona yet to reach an agreement with Manchester City regarding defender.

Barcelona are planning to renew talks with Manchester City in January about the transfer of Eric Garica. The Spanish giants have made it clear that Garcia is the one they are going for and he will be the investment for the future. City, however, has been less than cooperating and they are still asking for a fee of 15 million euros in full or in installments.

Although Barca desperately needs a center-back, they will not be spending 15 million euros on a player that they can get for free if they wait for a few more months. Garcia’s contract ends on June 2021 and the Spanish center-back has made it clear that he does not wish to extend his stay in England and that he wants to go back to his former club.

According to reports from the City locker rooms, Garcia is becoming quite unhappy due to the transfer dilemma he has been thrown into. On one hand, he wants to return to Barcelona but on the other hand, he is being pressurized by Pep Guardiola to sign a new contract. This is taking a toll on the 19-year-old’s mental health.

The Catalans want to take the youngster out of Etihad immediately however, they are unwilling to pay the price to Manchester City. They are willing to pay a certain amount to repay Garcia’s loyalty but that will not be enough to bring him to the Catalan capital in January.

As they wait for the deal to go through, at the same time the Spanish giants must bring in a temporary fix to their defence. The club is looking for a player whom they can loan for 6 months until Garcia joins them permanently. Antonio Rudiger seems to be the perfect fit for this role and they can even choose to keep the German defender as a backup. Samuel Umtiti is leaving the club soon and Gerard Pique will also follow so they might as well keep another center-back in the squad.

Should Barca wait or pay City the demanded 15 million euros?