Luis Suarez desired to retire at Barcelona alongside Lionel Messi

Luis Suarez wanted to hang his boots at FC Barcelona.

Former Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has been tested positive for the coronavirus which will see him on the sidelines in the clash between Atletico Madrid and Blaugrana for the upcoming weekend. However, multiple reports have now surfaced suggesting that the Uruguayan had demanded a contract that would see him at the club for four more additional years.

Obviously, things did not go accordingly as the Uruguayan was forced to leave the Nou Camp as he was not a part of the former Southampton manager’s plans. Ronald Koeman had no intention of playing Suarez and he had absolutely made it clear that he will not be involving the former Liverpool man in his plans during his time at the Nou Camp.

Suarez served at Barca for six years and entered their top five goal scorers list of all time. He is a true legend as his time at the Nou Camp was an absolute success. Trophies, records, and memories, the Uruguayan had everything he could want at Barca. Top-class football, exquisite teammates, and a heavy paycheck, Suarez had it all.

Unfortunately, the striker was forced to leave the club as he failed to deliver in top form over the last couple of years. However, he has had a very good start to his Atletico Madrid career.

The former Ajax center forward wanted a contract extension as he wanted to stay at the club and serve the Blaugrana for a longer period of time. However, the club was looking to offload him in order to free up a lot of wages for the current financial problems. Suarez was heavily paid per week. Big names like Arthur Melo, Ivan Rakitic, Arturo Vidal, and Nelson Semedo were all forced to leave as they were not going to be involved in Koeman’s plans and were taking up a lot of the club’s budget. A lot of wages were freed up with which Barcelona’s financial condition was freed up just a little, but the ongoing pandemic have really caused them a lot of trouble.

However, even after all these years of service, the club should’ve treated the former Liverpool FC striker better. Unfortunately, he was let go as his contract was paid off in a single paycheck. His contract would have ended in 2021 but the coronavirus pandemic forced the Catalan side’s hand into finalizing his departure sooner without a farewell among fans.

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