Lionel Messi tipped to stay at Barcelona until 2023 before settling in the US

Lionel Messi rumoured to remain at Barcelona until 2023

According to Journalist José Antonio Ponseti, Lionel Messi will most likely remain at Barcelona till 2023 and then move to the United States of America and play in Major League Soccer. The Argentine’s career is still up in the air and there are plenty of speculations thus Barcelona fans can take comfort in Ponseti’s words as their club would take a huge loss should their captain leave next season.

In a recent exclusive interview with reputed Spanish Media channel, La Sexta, Lionel Messi declared that the thought of moving to the MLS had occurred to him before. The 33-year-old said that he would like to experience football in America but he is not sure if that would be the right move for him at the moment. He said in the interview,

“I always said that I have the illusion that I would like to enjoy the experience of living in America, of living that League and that life, but then whether it will happen or not, I do not know, it is not a now or in the future, and that is why I say the thing of returning”.

Source Goal

MLS side Inter Miami are already trying to get the legend on a very lucrative deal. Plus David Beckham being the team’s co-owner could also persuade the forward to join his team in Southern Florida. Messi also has an eight million dollars apartment in the Porsche Towers in Miami which also suggests that the star wants to settle down in The States.

However, reputed Journalist, José Antonio Ponseti, has stated that Messi will be staying in Barcelona till 2023 and only then move across the ocean to live in North America. The Journalist said that Messi would not like to uproot his family and thus would likely move away from Spain after his children are older. He further explained,

“It’s hard for me to think that Messi is leaving Barca now, unless something happens, and there’s another controversy. Messi’s idea is to hold on to Barcelona until 2023, and then take his kids to study in Miami to do three or four years of high school and go to college. That’s what he wants.”

Source Mundo Deportivo

All the signs point in the same direction, Messi wants to play in the MLS someday. However, that day might come after years and fans should not be scared of him leaving European football so soon. It is still not clear whether he will stay in Catalonia or not after the end of the season but moving to the MLS would be a very unlikely move.

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