Former Barcelona president denies leaking Messi contract

FC Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)
FC Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images) /

The relationship between the former Barcelona president and Messi was frosty at best.

Despite Barcelona’s 2-1 victory over Athletic Bilbao, all eyes continued to be focused on the aftermath following the leak of Lionel Messi’s contract.

Everyone wants to know who leaked that information with Messi reportedly set to take legal action to find the person, or persons, responsible.

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Only a handful of people had access to that information. One of them being former Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Given the relationship, or lack thereof, between him and Messi, it should come as no surprise a number of people believe he may be the one behind it.

An accusation that Bartomeu has categorically denied in an interview.

"“It’s a very serious issue and it’s totally illegal to leak professional contracts. Speaking on TV and making accusations is easy, but it’s not a joke and this will end up in court.”Source: Diario AS"

Bartomeu believes that Messi is worth the figures outlined in the contract.

"“By the way, Leo deserves what he earns. Both for professional and commercial reasons. Without the pandemic, Barcelona could easily pay those figures.”Source: Diario AS"

Messi has not been shy in his past interviews airing his grievances against Bartomeu. While not outright saying he dislikes Bartomeu, he has accused him of lying and not fulfilling certain promises. One of those being not letting him leave the club before the start of the season.

Those who believe Bartomeu, or his board, are responsible for the leak believe it’s a form of payback for some of the things Messi said during some of his interviews. To shift the blame away from themselves and towards Messi for the financial mess the club currently finds itself.

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However, as of now, there is no proof he was behind the leak. But, as mentioned, the list of who it could have been is not long. Should Messi and his lawyers go ahead with an investigation, they are likely to find the one responsible.