5 Barcelona individuals Lionel Messi suspects for leaking contract

Barcelona's Argentine forward Lionel Messi Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)
Barcelona's Argentine forward Lionel Messi Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images) /

There has been a massive breach of privacy recently in the footballing world. A few days ago, Spanish news outlet, El Mundo, claimed to have secured a leaked version of Lionel Messi’s contract. The huge 30-page contract revealed to the public exactly how much the Argentine made over the span of four years. Now Lionel Messi is planning to sue the publication company and has also suspected five people who could have potentially leaked the player’s massive contract to the company.

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According to reports from El Mundo, the Argentine could have made a total of 555 million euros in four years. This of course contains bonuses and other variables but reports suggest that he has already collected over 500 million already. The leak was a vicious attempt to put the veteran in a bad light. Barcelona are in a debt of 1.2 billion euros and their wages take up 75 percent of their yearly budget.

The report was obviously done to insinuate that the 33-year-old is one of the main reasons for the club’s financial crisis. However, they failed to mention how much profit the player brings into the club and about his several accolades that earned him the contract.

This breach of personal privacy will be investigated thoroughly by the club and Lionel Messi has even planned to make an official complaint against the newspaper and five members of the club.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner took names including ex-president Josep Maria Bartomeu, former vice-president of the club, Jordi Mestre, the director-general, Oscar Garu, current interim president of the club, Carles Tusquets, and lastly the head of legal services of Barcelona, Roman Gomez Ponti.

The leak was definitely made from someone inside the club as the only other copies are held with La Liga and Messi himself. The investigation is under process and we can only hope that the culprit is revealed to the public soon.

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