Victor Font bashes Joan Laporta for having ‘no project’ for Barcelona

Candidate for presidency of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta (Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)
Candidate for presidency of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta (Photo by LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images) /

Barcelona’s potential presidential hopeful Victor Font has reportedly lashed out recently and made a few comments on his fellow candidate who is leading the race against him to become the club president, according to SPORT. The head of Si Al Futur has reportedly made some really harsh comments on opposition presidential candidate Joan Laporta and criticized his plan for the club, if he is to become president.

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Font has stated that Joan Laporta does not have a solid plan and a project for the future of the club. He claims that a lot of them have been working for the club for a long time now especially to run for president. He also said that he does not criticize or like to point out the wrong in others but Joan Laporta not having a solid plan for the future of the club is not an opinion but a fact.

The elections for a new president were to be held in January itself and the club was expected to have a new president by the January transfer window of 2021. However, due to coronavirus protocols, the election was postponed to March. The Catalans would have a president but former president Josep Maria Bartomeu had willingly stepped down and resigned from his role as a president last year after the whole Lionel Messi transfer request saga in the summer transfer window of 2020. Since then, the presidential seat has been left vacant.

Hence, Victor Font and Joan Laporta look to be the two favorites who may end up being the future president of Barcelona in March. Font has heavily criticized Laporta stating that him and his team have no goal to help the club progress. However, only the arrival of March will guarantee the future president of the La Liga giants and their upcoming summer transfer window.

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