Barcelona among Europe’s Big 12 to form European Super League

president Joan Laporta of FC Barcelona (Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)
president Joan Laporta of FC Barcelona (Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images) /

Football as we know it might change forever due to the influence of the most powerful teams in all of Europe. The top 12 elite clubs of Europe, including Barcelona, have decided to create a breakaway tournament from the UEFA Champions League which will only include the most powerful teams in all of Europe. Currently, there are 12 teams who have inaugurated the European Super League, they are still waiting for the confirmation of three more big teams and the rest five will be invited via their past results in the top five leagues in Europe.

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Barcelona, Founding Clubs of the European Super League

Barcelona have confirmed that they too will be participating in this new venture and the board have shown their full support for the ESL. This is quite disappointing for the fans of the club as it will destroy the beautiful game as we know it and the billionaires of the world will gain complete monopoly over the footballing world. The ESL will also ruin the relevancy of domestic leagues as well as of the Champions League and the Europa League.

The league will give complete power to the top clubs and the smaller teams will be hurt the most. Sevilla’s Europa League wins and Leicester City’s Premier League win are the things we will no longer get to see as the underdogs in football will be completely crushed by the elite teams who are only motivated by money. The Catalan fans are outraged by Joan Laporta’s decision to carry forward Josep Bartomeu’s plans of including Barca in the Super League.

The decision could have come out of desperation as the Blaugrana are in a massive 1.2 billion debt and according to reports from Marca, each team will receive 3.5 billion euros to start with from investors, JP Morgan Bank. The club that wins the tournament could earn upwards of 500 million euros which is enormous compared to what the UCL offers. The money-motivated mindset of the top clubs have brought this league alive but fans will not stand for it and we are all ashamed to support a club which has decided to take part in the ESL.

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