UEFA President speaks on Barcelona’s role in the Super League

New FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
New FC Barcelona President Joan Laporta. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images) /

The European Super League may have come to an end sooner than expected, however, UEFA President, Alexander Ceferin, remains disappointed with all the 12 clubs which founded the league in the first place. In a recent interview, the UEFA President stated that he was let down by these big clubs but Barcelona was the club that he was least disappointed with as he had spoken to the new president of the Catalan side and understood their reasons for accepting the invitation to the Super League.

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UEFA President talks Barcelona involvement in the Super League

Ceferin in his interview with 24ur expressed his disbelief that the elite clubs would go to such an extent to betray football and the values that it stands for. Football fans were also all very disappointed and let their voices be heard by their clubs. The plan fell apart within 48 hours as the fans rallied outside stadiums and on social media to let their clubs know that they felt betrayed. Once the six Premier League sides backed out, the plan immediately fell to pieces. However, the fact that they still accepted the invitation hurt Ceferin and he said,

"“I would say that the English clubs have made a very good decision and we will take that into account. They admitted their mistake and realized they were wrong. We all make mistakes.”“In a way, I was disappointed with everyone, but I must say that maybe Barcelona are the ones that disappointed me the least.”Source Goal"

He went on to say that he was least disappointed with the Catalans because Joan Laporta had spoken to the UEFA President quite a few times and explained their financial plight which was largely the work of former president, Josep Maria Bartomeu. On top of that, the Blaugranas were put into the Super League not by Laporta but rather by Bartomeu and the former president only made the plans public on the day that he resigned from his role.

Another reason is that the club was technically not a part of the Super League as the Socios of the club had not voted on the situation yet. Once the socios vote on it, only then can they participate. However, later on, Laporta also discussed the importance of the Super League and how it can benefit

Barca financially. For now, the Super League is on hold and even though some like Juvetus’ President, Andrea Agnelli, are sure that the league will no longer go through, Florentino Perez still believes that some agreement can be reached with UEFA and the league has only been paused for the moment.

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