Top 5 moments of brilliance by Lionel Messi last season

Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona (Photo by Alejandro/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)
Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona (Photo by Alejandro/DeFodi Images via Getty Images) /
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Lionel Messi with Pedri of Barcelona
Lionel Messi of Barcelona celebrates with Pedri. (Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images) /

#5 Lionel Messi links up with Pedri

Lionel Messi was fed up with the way the club was being run into the ground by former president, Josep Bartomeu. He said in an interview that the amount of mismanagement in the club made him want to leave. However, last season, due to financial reasons, the club had to trust their youths and one of the youngsters who had a standout season was Pedri.

The 18-year-old was thrusted into the first team by Ronald Koeman and ever since his first match, he has been unstoppable. Pedri reminds Barcelona fans that the club can and probably should rely on the youths more. Over the recent years, the club has been spending huge amounts on big transfers but it has not been working. Messi recognized the problem as well and thus when he saw players like Pedri being given so much game time, he was delighted.

The captain had many moments of brilliance between him and Pedri, so much so that the youngster’s first assist to the club was a brilliant back pass to Messi. It is clear to see that the veteran is enjoying playing with the youths as the young players bring in more life to the club and looking at Pedri, it won’t be surprising if it reminded Messi of his younger self.