Xavi Hernandez talks about Barcelona sensational Pedri

Pedri of FC Barcelona. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
Pedri of FC Barcelona. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images) /

Arguably Barcelona’s greatest midfielder, Xavi Hernandez has recently been interviewed by Mundo Deportivo where he ended up addressing different situations and issues at the club. The legend spoke a great deal about young midfielder Pedri who has been an absolute sensation for the whole of this season. The youngster even had a gorgeous campaign at the Euros and hopes to continue his form in the upcoming Olympics.

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At just 18, Pedri has been compared to the likes of Andres Iniesta. Xavi had a few things to say about that. He stated that it’s not a very good thing for an 18-year-old and that he is not being done a favor by people comparing him to Iniesta. The manager thinks that it’s a very big deal that Pedri is being compared to Iniesta.

"“Pedri is already compared to Iniesta and that is already big words, besides, the boy is not being done a favor. But it is true that he is making a difference at the age of 18, he shows a brutal football maturity, decision-making is always good and that is the most difficult thing in football. He is intelligent, he is surprising with how old he is. I predict a brutal future for you. It is an innate talent, you have to take advantage of it and enjoy it.”Source Mundo Deportivo"

The 18-year-old midfielder had a gorgeous campaign at the Euros. A semi-final exit against Italy saw Spain return home. However, Pedri was arguably Spain’s best midfielder or even the best performer. In the whole competition, the youngster was the one to cover the most kilometers in distance. He also had a 100 percent passing rate in the first half against Italy and only missed his first pass in the extra time. This season has truly been a massive revelation for the young prospect and it does not end yet.

Xavi Hernandez wants Pedri to attend the Olympics despite Barcelona’s opposition

Hernandez also stated that he is extremely impressed that an 18-year-old is being able to make a difference at such a high level, for both club and country. He also thinks that Pedri should definitely go to the Olympic games regardless of the club’s intention. He feels that the youngster will not get opportunities like this in the future and that he should take it. He is sure that the young sensation is excited about representing his nation at the Olympics.

"“If I were Pedri, I would go to the Games. I had the opportunity at the time and they are opportunities that do not return. He is 18 years old and the footballer wants to play, it is a unique opportunity to go to the Games. If you ask Pedri, he will tell you that he is excited “"

Pedri had the most sensational Euro campaign, especially for someone so young. The future for the midfielder is only bright from here onwards. Barcelona has an absolute gem on their hands and fans cannot wait to see what he achieves next season.

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Are you excited to witness Pedri’s progress?