Former president Josep Bartomeu needs to leave Barcelona alone

Former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu. (Photo credit LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images)
Former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu. (Photo credit LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images) /

Barcelona were once the kings of Europe and not only that, they were the kings of the world. However, now they are just a shadow of their former selves and it is quite sad to see the downfall of such an elite team. While some blame the management and the board, and others blame the coaches for bad decisions, the one man who should take the blame is Josep Maria Bartomeu. The former president of Barcelona was the head of the club for seven years. SInce 2014, a lot of wrong and impulsive decisions were taken after the legendary team of the 2010 era started to fall apart. Now the club is not in a very good position and Bartomeu is hoping to run for the presidency again.

The main reason why Bartomeu had to resign was the immense pressure from the Catalan fans. They had seen his nonsense and whimsical behavior for years and they wanted a new face at the head of the club. The last straw was when Bartomeu rejected Lionel Messi’s move to Manchester City and threatened him with legal repercussions. It was a tough time for the club and the fans however, after Bartomeu resigned, there was new hope. Bartomeu made a lot of mistakes from signing big-money flops to taking loans after loans. The club bought a lot of players from various clubs but failed to make the monthly payments for them due to the lack of funds.

This all started after Neymar was sold and Ousmane Dembele and Philippe Coutinho were brought in. After that, a failed transfer of Antoine Griezman almost destroyed the club’s finances. The club was filled with big names but no one was performing. Now, in a recent interview with Esport3 via MARCA, the former president has confirmed that he wants to rerun for presidency again. He has started to blame others for his flaws and he has thrown the coaches under the bus. He said in the interview,

"“His [Mbappe’s] signing was on the table, but the coaches preferred [Ousmane] Dembele because they wanted a player who could open up the pitch.”“As for [Antoine] Griezmann, the coaches asked for him and insisted on his signing for a year, they thought he was essential to bring in because Luis Suarez was injured a lot that season. He was a different forward, a global star, and a team player.”Source Marca"

He also went on to say that he listened to the players more than he should have which is a direct jab towards Messi. He always used to claim that Messi had more power than him in the club and he is still after Messi even though the Argentine has moved to a different club. He spoke on Messi’s departure as well, claiming that the forward agreed upon a two year deal in July 2020 but then rejected it later on.

Bartomeu, as usual, is passing the blame from one person to another and till date has refused to take any ownership of his mistakes. He is a person who’s lazy management skills brought down the economy of the whole team and now he wants to get back into the club. He should stay as far away from Barcelona as possible and under no circumstances should he be elected as the president again.

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