Barcelona President says 2022 is going to be “Intense”

Joan Laporta, President of FC Barcelona. (Photo by Marc Graupera Aloma / AFP7 Getty Images)
Joan Laporta, President of FC Barcelona. (Photo by Marc Graupera Aloma / AFP7 Getty Images) /

A new year marks a new beginning for everyone and we at Everything Barca would like to begin this year by wishing you a Happy New Year. As much as we want this year to be a good and prosperous one, every Barcelona fan knows that this will be a tough year for the club, as they will go into full reform mode and there could be a lot of ups and downs throughout the year. The club started its restoration phase last season however, it will truly go into effect from next season onwards. The club has lost its best talent and new talents are emerging from the academy. In these trying times the president, Joan Laporta, has shared some words of encouragement for the fans.

On his official Twitter page, Laporta wished everyone a happy new year and then went on to talk about the club’s performance last year. It was obviously not one of the best years for the club and the president acknowledged that although he did mention that there were some high parts in 2021. He also mentioned that the reconstruction of the club was in full effect and players from both the academy and outside the club will be used in order to take the club back to its former glory. Another thing that the president mentioned was that the new stadium plans will come into action this year so the games might be played in a different stadium from next season onwards. He went on to say that it will be a tough year but he is looking forward to working with the amazing talents in the club and the amazing manager as well.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta addresses fans on Twitter

"“It is going to be a very intense year in 2022. One full of emotions. I have the honor of presiding over the board of directors and all of our executives and employees who will continue to work hard in order to reestablish the financial standing of the club.”Source: Joan Laporta on Twitter"

The president has already made his intentions of strengthening the side very clear and new players will be brought into the club. For Barca to get out of the massive debt that they have been left with by Josep Bartomeu, they will need to win again; however, this cannot be done with a subpar team. Laporta knows that and Xavi Hernandez knows that as well. Thus, although it might be tough for the Catalans financially, they will have to buy new players and support the manager’s vision.

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