5 Players Barcelona should sell/loan in the January transfer window

Players of FC Barcelona pose for a team photo. (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images)
Players of FC Barcelona pose for a team photo. (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images) /
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It is no secret that Barcelona is in a terrible financial position at the moment and it is abundantly clear that they need to sell a lot of players in order to bring in new players. Although the Catalans are in a debt of over one billion euros, the club’s president has announced that he is going to strengthen the club in 2022. However, that is not realistic if the club does not sell players first. Firstly, they cannot keep spending the money meant for the new stadium on transfers plus, they need to offload players in order to fit new players into their payroll.

Currently, with the new rules and regulations implemented by La Liga, Barca is under tremendous pressure to lower its overall wage structure. The Catalan were one of the highest paying clubs in the world with a ton of world-class players who were costing the club millions every month. It is essential for them to reduce the overall wages of the club and thus a lot of these top earners need to be sold or loaned off. Some players such as Alex Collado and Philippe Coutinho have already been loaned off and there is a good chance that their clubs will trigger the full buy option in their loan contract.

Barcelona must sell/loan players for new arrivals

Still, that is just not enough and the Blaugrana must move on even more players so as to make bids for new players. Laporta has already started strengthening the squad by bringing in Ferran Torres however, registering him was a huge ordeal. More players can come into the club in January and registering each one will become a hassle if the club does not let more players go. There are also a few players whose contracts are expiring soon so selling them instead of losing them for free is also a big concern. Thus without any further ado, here are the five Barca players who need to be sold or sent out on loan in January.