Barcelona plans on creating their own metaverse by launching Crypto and NFTs

Fans of FC Barcelona wave flags. (Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images)
Fans of FC Barcelona wave flags. (Photo by Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images) /

2022 is really an interesting time to be a Barcelona fan. While the team is not on the level of the European elites, they host a number of world-class talents and a new manager who is ready to bring them back to the top of the world. We are truly witnessing the birth of something great and not every generation can see the formative years of a world-class club. Now more exciting news follows as the club’s president has announced that the club will be making their own cryptocurrency and will be launching a chain of NFTs. This will allow for more revenue within the club and also allow their fanbase to be more involved with the club.

Barcelona to develop their own metaverse

NFTs and cryptocurrency are a rising market right now and there were several crypto coin companies that offered to be Barca’s main sponsors for the upcoming season. However, the Catalans decided to go with a more known brand and chose Spotify as their main sponsor. Now they have revealed that they do have plans to make their own currency. In the Mobile World Congress, Laporta said,

"“We’re developing our own metaverse, [which is why] we rejected the chance to be associated with any cryptocurrency enterprises,”“The players know what we’re working on, that this is a modern club that makes use of new media. There are clauses in their contracts related to the NFT world and the metaverse.”Source Goal"

NFTs could be very successful for the club since the tokens will be one of a kind and will go up in value after each sale. This means not only will the club make money from the sale of the tokens but the buyers would also make money if their particular token goes up in value. The resale potential of these NFTs will be huge and no doubt there will be a lot of investors for that.

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The Cryptocurrency will be a bit tougher to incorporate and if it has no real-life use, it is doubtful that the project will be a success. However, it is good to see Barca taking advantage of the ever digitalizing world and we can only hope the best for their projects.