Barcelona star states his new demands but they are still too high

Barcelona star Ousmane Dembele is having a fantastic run on the pitch and this is probably his best spell in the club since his arrival back in 2017. The player was always a polarizing figure in the club due to his performance, attitude and injuries. During his low phases, the player was not at all involved in the club and the Catalans even wanted to sell him before it was too late however, in his high phases, like now, he is a force to be reckoned with.

The player is one of the favourites of the manager and Xavi Hernandez revealed that he loved the player’s style, even before he was appointed as the Barca manager. After Dembele refused to move out of the club in January, it was thought that he would not play in a Barcelona shirt ever again. However, that sentiment was proven wrong by Xavi, as he continued to play him and the player continued to perform amazingly. Now, the Catalans have made a complete u-turn and want to resign the player however, his demands are still too high.

According to reports, the player asked for 40 million euros a year but that was simply too high for the club. The Blaugrana made a final offer to Dembele recently where they increased their original offer but they cannot possibly pay more than eight million euros per year to him. New reports suggest that the player has considered the club’s situation and he does want to remain at Catalunya however, he is still demanding at least 20 million euros from the club plus signing on bonuses.

This figure is still too high for the Spanish giants and although once upon a time they could have paid this fee, now they are in severe debt and are trying to rebuild the team, so they do not have the funds necessary to keep Dembele happy.

It seems like the player is not willing to reduce his price any lower and he might move to a new club at the end of the season after all.