End of an Era: Sergi Roberto’s Future Beyond Barcelona

Among the eighteen players contracted under the first team, only six of them are La Masia products. Gone are the days when more than half of the players in the starting XI were ‘Made in La Masia’. Of the previous generation of La Masia graduates, only one name remains in the Barcelona first team in 2023, Sergi Roberto.

Every other player from the previous generation has either retired or is almost at that age. Everyone will remember Roberto from his last-minute goal at La Remontada, when he sent the Cules community to seventh heaven. According to Mundo Deportivo, the Spaniard is looking forward to his options beyond Barça.

The midfielder has been an integral part of the first team until recently. Sergi sure is the captain of the team but rarely starts any games. The Reus local has just become a shadow of his former self.

American Interest

Reportedly, Sergi Roberto is looking forward to the MLS. His contract with the Catalan club runs till June 2024. The player has also expressed his liking towards the United States and especially New York on many occasions. The Catalan also has many friends in the country. Messi, Busquets, Alba and Puig, just to name a few.

Roberto has played various positions throughout his career. Although he is a full-back, his excellence in midfield is undeniable. The Spaniard played his best football under Luis Enrique. He displays immense work rate and passing ability. Also, his pace and strength are something that set him apart.

Sergi is a jack of all trades. Many fans will agree that there is actually nothing special about him compared to his La Masia classmates, who displayed immense talent. He is just a player who was skillful enough to play among the best. No one can deny the Catalan’s contributions to the club. He has given his heart and soul to it. As the last La Masia graduate from the previous generation who will probably say his goodbyes next year, it will truly be ‘The end of an Era’.