20 year old Barca wonder ace to be the next "Davies" under Hansi Flick

Hansi Flick plans to emulate "Davies" success with Alejandro Balde, claims report
Alejandro Balde, Barcelona
Alejandro Balde, Barcelona / Fran Santiago/GettyImages

Alejandro Balde, the young full back of FC Barcelona is expected to perform the role of Davies in the new Barca setup.

Balde had started his main team career in summer 2021,as a backup for Jordi Alba. With age catching the latter, Xavi soon started prioritizing the rookie full back over the veteran World Cup winner.

At the start of 2023-24 Season, he was the main left back of the Catalan Club and Alonso being his backup. The youngster started the season well, in all aspects he looked good to be the successor of Jordi Alba at the Club. However, a hamstring injury against Athletic in Copa Del Rey ruled him out for the remaining season.

Alejandro Balde could be the next big Barcelona star

Alejandro Balde on 9th March, hinted about his recovery progress in his Instagram story, captioning, "Work work and work". The defender will join the Catalan Giants in preseason, however in a completely new setup under Hansi Flick.

The sextuple winner is expected to replicate his success stories of Bayern Munich at the club. Flick, who transformed Alphonso Davies game during his time at Bayern, knows perfectly to maximize the potential of dynamic fullbacks. No football fan would ever forget how Davies tormented the Barca lineup in the infamous 2019-20 Barca-Bayern quarter-final clash.

Moreover, as a report from Mundo Deportivo read,

""Hansi Flick hopes that Balde will be the Davies during the coach's time at Bayern Munich. The player is very motivated as well.""

Mundo Deportivo

In that respect, it would be a safe assumption that Balde's game develops leaps and bounds in the new Flick era.