Barça's Dilemma: Nike, Puma, or DIY Shirt Brand?

A shopper grabs a Barcelona football team shirt at the...
A shopper grabs a Barcelona football team shirt at the... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

FC Barcelona's kit sponsor dilemma stretches on as the club hasn't come to a decision yet. According to Marca, Barça has almost ruled out making its own brand for kit sponsorship. Reports claim that this is because of logistical issues.

Even if Barcelona has ruled out Barça Licensing and Marketing (BLM), the club still has a decision to make. The major options that remain are Nike or Puma. Amidst the crisis with Nike, the Catalan Giants recently held a meeting with German apparel giants Puma.

The conclave was probably regarding the details of the contract that Puma can afford. FC Barcelona cannot leave Nike till next year as their contract runs till 2026, which has an extension option till 2028. The new kits for the next season have already been manufactured, so Barça is looking out for viable options post contract-expiration with Nike.

Puma has come in as a big competitor for the post, as the German company intends to expand its influence around the world. This also means that the company is ready to offer a bigger contract to FC Barcelona.

The German giants have offered a whooping €200 million per season with additional bonuses that can go up to a €100 million per season. The offer is huge compared to Nike's measly contract of €105 million per season, which can go up to €155 million per season with bonuses.

Everyone knows that the Catalan Giants are in a desperate situation financially. This contract with Puma can strengthen their financial muscles a bit and help them ease a little regarding finances. One of the main reasons for Barcelona's downfall was financial mismanagement and this might prove to be an excellent opportunity for the club to reverse the consequences.

Anyway, the third option still remains viable, as reports claim that the Spanish club has only almost ruled it out. The matter of the fact remains that creating their own brand will be the best financial decision in the long run.