Barça vs Atlético Player Ratings

Joao Felix of FC Barcelona seen greeting the fans during the...
Joao Felix of FC Barcelona seen greeting the fans during the... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

For a match that didn't start off too promisingly, the final result for Barça would be an extremely positive one: a 3-0 victory away from home that would spring Barça into second place in the La Liga table while dropping Atléti down to fifth. There were a few standout performers, as usual, but the team in general did quite well. Despite Xavi being sent off yet again, the team ended up coasting to a fairly easy win.


Marc-André Ter Stegen: 7/10 - He did make 2 great saves in the second half to deny Atlético pulling one back, but that isn't the end for Barça. With the ball at his feet, he was shaky, making quite a few errors. Atlético's best chances came off misplaced Ter Stegen passes, which in a match like this could've cost them.


Fort: 8/10 - Maybe the best thing to say from Héctor Fort's performance in this one was his lack of mistakes. With players like Cubarsí and Fort, it's wild to think of them dropping such solid performances despite their age. The young left back was forced into starting on short notice, and he was great. He defended well and did exactly what he was supposed to do. He needs some work, especially offensively, but under the circumstances, he did extremely well. Llorente was hardly a factor down the right side, so much so that he was one of the first to be subbed off.

Araújo: 8/10 - A master at straddling the line between physical play and fouling, a line which he's often on the right side of. He had Morata pretty much wrapped up all game, and Simeone could tell. The Atlético manager saw fit to take Morata out early and bring in Memphis Depay, for some more pace and a bit of a different kind of player. Araújo also made sure to limit Memphis pretty completely. The defense has improved quite a bit, and it's hard to say why. Araújo rounding into form, Ter Stegen's return, or our next player?

Cubarsí: 8/10 - Another very solid performance from the young center back. While he wasn't as flashy as against Napoli, he did his job and did it well. The higher line Barça have been employing recently is run to perfection by the two defenders back there, and Morata was also caught offside more than once, just like Osimhen. It's a massive luxury, especially on a day when Christensen and Cancelo couldn't go, to be able to play Cubarsí and still bring Iñigo Martínez off the bench.

Koundé: 7/10 - Struggled a bit in the first half to maintain possession, but so did the whole squad. As the game opened up in the second half, he found a lot more space and it was his run that allowed the third goal to happen. Lino and Riquelme were basically non-factors in the match, also due to the Frenchman.

Iñigo Martínez: 6/10 - He only played a few minutes in a back three kind of defense, but he didn't have much impact. By that point, the game was over, and Atleti didn't threaten the defense much.


Gündoğan: 7/10 - With Christensen out, Gündo was forced into that holding role, which he isn't the best at (but still good). The midfield struggled for the first 20 minutes to do anything, which makes some sense with the ramshackle out-of-position lineup, Xavi was forced to trot out there. However, they figured it out and once they did; they didn't look back. Gündoğan was as technical as ever, also providing a pretty ball in for Félix's opener. Watching him out there makes me sad that they didn't sign him 5 years earlier.

Sergi Roberto: 6.5/10 - An average game for him, but one in which he didn't make many mistakes and did his job. Once the midfield figured out how to actually play, Sergi was neat and tidy. Ironically, it may be only now that the captain's true value is revealed - as a second-string midfielder who can help right the ship when needed.

Fermín: 8/10 - Fermín, as I've said in previous rating articles, doesn't play like a Masía midfielder. His profile is different, a more attacking player who can do exactly what he did against Atléti: Get into the box unmarked and slot home a header. His goal was the final nail in the coffin, the one that ended Atlético's hopes. He sometimes needs to relax a bit, but it's valuable to have a player like him in the squad.

Romeu: 6/10 - Similarly to Martínez, he was fine, but didn't have much time to show good or bad. Atléti were pretty demoralized by then, so he wasn't called on much. These are the moments to use him, though, to spell some important players for 20 or so minutes when games are decided.

Casadó: 6/10 - Wish we could've seen more of him, as he is an intriguing young player. He's got skills, to be sure, and some of that Gavi grit. He wasn't able to show much, only playing 10 minutes, but hopefully he gets more burn soon.


Félix: 8/10 - Can he play against Atléti every weekend? He was poised and controlled in this one, never doing too much but doing what he needed to. When his chance came, he was clinical. A great goal for him, just past Oblak's outstretched hand. He didn't have many chances outside of that one, but it didn't matter; he took the best chance and converted it. It was a huge momentum boost for Barça, and maybe for Félix as well.

Lewandowski: 9/10 - Maybe bullying works? Ever since fans have started piling on the Polish striker (rightfully, in some cases) for his poor play, he's responded. He had a goal in this one and two assists. The goal was a beautiful right-footed finish, and the two assists were very good passes. All fans were asking for was to be clinical; and that he has been. He's now on 13 goals and tied for second in the league with 8 assists. If the form can keep up, especially against PSG, Barça may start cooking again.

Raphinha: 7/10 - While he didn't play particularly well, he does seem to be more confident as of late. Rather than shrinking with Yamal's ascendance, he's responded. He dribbled Lino more than once and won multiple corners. If any of those had sprung through, they would've been good chances. He didn't really play well, but the ideas were there and on other days he would've been important.

Yamal: 7/10 - Got 30 minutes of time in this one, and he may be getting a bit tired. The Spaniard didn't produce many chances or good moves, although he didn't play badly by any means. He just had a good, solid match. He was afforded some space in the second half.

Roque: 7/10 - Didn't play many minutes, but had a pretty immediate impact. He got past Molina on a run in behind, who had no choice but to foul him and pick up the red card. If he can do things like that and cause havoc in the defense, he'll be a very troublesome player for defenders to deal with.

Xavi's side has owned Simeone's Atléti, and the domination continued here. The title race in La Liga looks very difficult, but all that's really needed now in good vibes before the next round of the Champions League. This helps, for sure. And while Xavi may be suspended for a few games now, Barça are undefeated under Óscar Hernández. That's good news!