Barça vs Mallorca Player Ratings

FC Barcelona v Real Mallorca - LaLiga EA Sports
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When games aren't going the way you'd like, and options off the bench are limited due to injuries, it can be up to the players to show their talent and make things happen. With a stalemate on the horizon, 16-year old Lamine Yamal would be the one to decide the match. While not having his best game, a moment of left-footed brilliance would bring Barça the win. In a match in which the team was struggling to break through (as is usually the case recently), Xavi's men needed that moment, and Yamal's talent saw them through.


Ter Stegen: 7/10 - He was forced into a few saves by Mallorca in this one, and he was solid. The main difference between Peña and Ter Stegen is definitely the confidence the German displays. He was decisive in the air and made a few nice saves when needed. He didn't have to play out a ton from the back, but he was alright when he needed to.


Cancelo: 7/10 - Of the two Portuguese loanees, Cancelo is definitely the one I'd keep for next season. While not a great defender, he's capable on that end, and his offensive versatility was interesting today. With the dearth of midfielders Barça are experiencing right now, Cancelo truly did play in the midfield, helping circulate the ball on the left side and at times push it forward.

Cubarsí: 8/10 - It's incredibly impressive how, despite his young age and physical attributes, he was able to hold off Muriqi and Larin. The first is much stronger and the second is much faster, but Cubarsí was able to hold them off on more than one occasion. His timing is excellent, as he's very physical with his challenges and also times them very well so as not to commit fouls. He's quite a good passer, as well. At such a young age, he's cemented himself as a starter recently.

Martínez: 7/10- I quite like what Iñigo Martínez brings to the side. He's clearly an experienced defender, and he was always in the right place at the right time. He's not as standout as Araújo, but he doesn't need to be - his positioning and timing was good enough to proactively defend. He was good in the air against Muriqi as well.

Koundé: 7/10 - The whole backline was good in this one, and Koundé was the last example of it. He makes good overlapping runs when the winger has the ball, and he's quite good on the ball as well. After the goal, he was instructed to stay back and defend, and he did so well.


Christensen: 7/10 - One of the Dane's better matches in his new holding midfielder position. For the change in position mid-season, he hasn't been half bad. He's got his limitations, of course, but still. He wasn't quite as defensive as he was in previous games, and he actually had a few progressive passes and carries on the ball. Despite being against Mallorca, he does seem to be growing into the role a bit. His evolution in the role is one of the biggest storylines for the rest of the season.

Gündoğan: 6/10 - A bit of a tough one for him in this match. He was good overall, as he usually is, but he missed a penalty in the first half that was really a poor finish. He also missed a very soft shot in the second. He was constantly being fouled as well, as Mallorca were being quite physical with him. Even when it wasn't a foul, he ended up on the ground on several occasions.

Raphinha: 6/10 - A bit of a strange one for him, as he was effectively a midfielder and in an unfamiliar role. However, there were moments of good play from him. He got in behind for the penalty, but unfortunately the foul itself was a contact right to his heel. He limped off soon afterwards. Another injury for the midfield. Sigh.

Fermín: 6/10 - His characteristic energy and runs in behind didn't translate in this game. It's hard for him to get continuity when he plays spot-up minutes here and there and comes in for injuries. But in this one, he didn't have much success. He couldn't find much space in behind and so had to receive the ball facing away from goal more often than not.

Romeu: 6/10 - Came on late for Gündoğan in an attempt to keep the lead. He shifted into a double holding midfield with Christensen and played well in mop-up duty, but he didn't do much of note in the match.


Yamal: 8/10 - There are players who, despite being a 6/10 for 80 minutes, can turn it on late and decide games when they really need to. Yamal is one of those players. He was average for almost the whole match, but he came through in the second half and fired in a beautiful curling shot to the far post to give Barça the lead. He's a special player, for sure.

Marc Guiu: 7/10 - I like the way he moves out there, and he's definitely more of a prototypical number 9. He finds himself in good positions often and his movement is good. He had a nice backheel to Gundogan that honestly should've been an assist. However, he couldn't quite get something to work for him and get that last touch on.

Félix: 6/10 - Why does he feel the need to constantly take the harder option? Quite often, he eschews the easy pass or the open teammate to try to dribble three players. He certainly has confidence, which can be good, but the better option is usually the one he doesn't take. It happened more than once in this one to Guiu and even Cancelo.

Lewandowski: 7/10 - He did lose the ball on his very first touch of the match, but other than that he was good. Being out there helped open up space for Roque and Yamal, and he actually held up the ball more than once and allowed a transition opportunity to happen. He didn't have any chances at goal, but I liked what I saw from him out there.

Roque: 8/10 - His adaptation to Spain has been a bit slow so far, but he looked quite flashy out there. He had several very nice dribbles to either draw a foul (and a card) or spring Barça on a transition opportunity. While I'd prefer Roque down the middle, he looked at home out there on the wing. His pace and ability looked good out in space. He seems just a bit out of tune with Cancelo, but that team chemistry will come with time.

All in all, it was a fun match to watch, even if Barça didn't look incredibly dangerous throughout. Mallorca never seemed too dangerous, even if they did have a few chances. Raphinha left with an injury, which isn't good, but three points is three points and Lamine Yamal is the real deal.