Barcelona Player Ratings from a 1-0 win against Atlético

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Pedri: 8/10 - Barça were playing out from the back much better as a team, which made Pedri look pretty good. He was the beginning of the move that resulted in the first goal. Had some moments of brilliance but missed the final action at times. Didn't shoot when he should've, which seems to be a common trait among Barça midfielders, but overall showed exactly why he's so highly rated and why he's so important to this team. 

Frenkie de Jong: 8/10 - Did well with Cancelo and Gündoğan to play out. Good movement and quick, fluid passing. Great tracking back to tackle a Griezmann shot near the end of the first half. His signature trait, his ability to drive the ball forward, was on full display. He made Atleti look silly at times. He also had a few great passes to bypass pressure. Defended quite well tonight, surprisingly. He gave the ball away a few times, but that's to be expected with him in this role. Overall, impressive.

Gündoğan: 7/10 - Controlling and calm. The starting midfield as a whole was very good, and a big reason for it was the German. He was everywhere in this one, dropping deep when he needed to and pushing up otherwise. Barely put a foot wrong today.

Fermín: 6/10 - Came on for Pedri in the 89th minute. Had a chance to make something happen late, in transition, but was unfortunately forced off the ball. Other than that, he didn't do much and didn't have much time to do anything either.