Barcelona's Nightmare Continues: Xavi Drops a Bombshell After 3-5 Humiliation

FC Barcelona v Villarreal CF - LaLiga EA Sports
FC Barcelona v Villarreal CF - LaLiga EA Sports / Alex Caparros/GettyImages

After turning a new page following Bartomeu's departure, FC Barcelona expected a fairy tale comeback and turn into Europe's best, but little did they know that the only things waiting for them were distress and misery.

When Xavi arrived in Barcelona as their manager, everyone expected a replica of Pep's journey as the cules gaffer. It's not like things have always taken the turn for the worst under Xavi's command, but recent times haven't been merciful towards the Spanish coach.

The Terrassa native helped the Spanish club win a few titles during these hard times, but in the end it would turn out to be a sombre story for the involved parties. After the 3-5 humiliation against Villareal, Xavier Hernández announced that he'll leave the club by the end of the season.

"I would like to announce that on June 30 I will not continue as coach. We have been talking, and the situation deserves a change, of course, and I cannot allow this situation as a culé. I had decided a few days ago. As it has gone, it is the moment. The club needs a change of dynamic. Thinking about the club, about the players... they play with too much tension. The best thing is to leave. I will give my best. I think we can have a great season."

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The decision was taken following an intense meeting with the club's management, which was held immediately after the Villareal match in the stadium itself. Then a press conference was held to convey this crucial announcement.

Xavi also talked about how this decision was an enormous blow for him personally.

"Today I'm screwed, it's a blow. We were very good in the second half, but we lost. It's a difficult day to digest."

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The Cule gaffer also spoke about the problems regarding the club and other important elements.

"I don't think we lack, we lack that maturity when we lose the ball. Also, when you make it 3-2 you have the psychological feeling that the game is over, and it's not. I don't want to lose the ball... but everything, we are talking about maturity. There are younger players who need these chestnuts to learn. You only improve through chestnuts."

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The cules would like to erase 27th January 2024 from their memories. Reacting to the announcement, many will be sad while others will be happy, things like these are subjective. Anyway, life moves on and so will Barcelona as the club will look forward to fill the gap left by club legend Xavier Hernández.