Barcelona could sell two 27-year-old fringe stars to raise much-needed funds

Barcelona are contemplating selling two of their fringe 27-year-old players to raise some much-needed funds and boost wage allocation.
FC Barcelona v Tottenham Hotspur - Pre Season Friendly
FC Barcelona v Tottenham Hotspur - Pre Season Friendly / Eric Alonso/GettyImages

Barcelona are not having the best season. Currently, they are topped by not only Real Madrid but Girona too in La Liga. The biggest club in the world has suffered quite a downfall in recent times and to rectify this issue, fans from across the world are looking forward to the summer transfer window.

But the problem which Barcelona face is that they may not have the necessary funds to execute their summer transfer plan. What's more is that they have certain players within the squad who don't contribute as much to the team, yet eat away at invaluable wage resources. This is a long-term problem which Barcelona aim to start alleviating this summer.

Barcelona could sell two 27-year-old fringe stars to raise much-needed funds

According to a new report from English outlet The Mirror, club legend and current manager Xavi has decided to put Raphinha and Andreas Christensen up for sale, with the hopes of raising some much-needed funds and to free up their wage allocation. Both of these factors will allow for greater spending power in the summer transfer window, in hopes of a summer revamp for the club.

If anybody is able to look at this situation from a place of hindsight and fix it, it's Xavi. He was a member of Barcelona's most successful and talented side in history, so he is not likely to sit around and let the current crop of players tarnish the legacy he and his former teammates built at this great club.

I will be the first to say it - The Raphinha sale has happened far too late, but it's good the Brazilian is finally being axed. He has only started eight league games this season, coming off the bench another eight times. So, in 16 league appearances, he has managed to score three goals and five assists which is poor for a player of his capabilities.

I will admit, the sale for Andreas Christensen is harder to justify. The former Chelsea defender is currently being trialled in a new role of defensive midfielder, which makes sense since this is what injuries have resulted in. Christensen is doing an adequate job of the defensive midfielder role, which shows his versatility and importance to the team.


Then again, this may be a case of "when need's must" from Barcelona. It is necessary they make some sales this summer to bring in some new talent, so the decisions from Xavi will have to be cutthroat.

Do you think Barcelona are right to sell Andreas Christensen and Raphinha?