Discover Barça One: The Ultimate Streaming Platform for FC Barcelona Fans

In this photo illustration, the FC Barcelona football club...
In this photo illustration, the FC Barcelona football club... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

FC Barcelona has announced that it will launch its own OTT platform which will contain exclusive content, live press conferences and much more. Barça One will be the answer to the club's closure of Barça TV+.

"In full awareness that the future of entertainment will be about culture and audiovisual production, FC Barcelona is proud to announce the launch of Barça One, a new free, worldwide OTT service offering top quality content on a Barça theme. The project democratises the club's video material by making it available for free around the planet, something unprecedented until now."


The service is set to start broadcasting in the next few weeks, and it will have both free and paid options. With the free option, you can access everything but with the disturbance of ads. The premium option will remove all ads from your experience.

Barça One is set to be free for FC Barcelona members. The platform will draw content worth over 1,500 watch hours from its predecessor Barça TV+. It will also contain live broadcasts, games, shows, reports, etc. all for free.

The platform will also be an important source of income for the club. Its predecessor Barça TV+ was running on a loss and its sale resulted in a scam which further drilled down the pockets of FC Barcelona.

"The new platform will also be an important source of income for FC Barcelona and a means to promote the club's name all around the world."


The first documentary

The first exclusive documentary on Barça One will be 'Origins | Araujo'. It will premiere this Wednesday in Espai Texas, Barcelona. The documentary will be a 40 minute programme discovering the defender's life from Uruguay to Barcelona.

"The 40-minute programme explores the roots of the Uruguayan defender, including a visit to his homeland of Rivera, and looks in depth at the player's family, personal and professional background and the ways they have impacted his career. It was by no means an easy journey to stardom at FC Barcelona, with a host of challenges to be overcome along the way. “Origins | Araujo” features interviews with the people who know Araujo best and most influenced his life until his arrival in the Catalan capital in 2018."