The Journey to Recovery: Pedri's Injury Update

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Pedri's tears at San Mamés left the fans shocked as the Canarian suffered the same injury a third time this season. The midfielder followed Frenkie de Jong to the bench as another injury hunted down the Dutchman.

FC Barcelona fans can now take a sigh of relief as we have some good news regarding Pedri's injury. Xavi has cleared doubts about the seriousness and the Canarian midfielder has started recovery as soon as he returned from San Mamés.

"It's not as serious as we thought and I hope he can return soon because he is a very important player for the team."

Losing Pedri and de Jong at the same time was a big hit for the Catalan Giants, as both of them were an integral part of the Catalan midfield trio. No deadlines have been set for the Spanish international regarding his return.

"Pedri must think about recovering one hundred percent, neither for the Classic nor for the Euro Cup."

The Catalan coach has asked his player to be positive and assured him that this might be the last one. This happens to many players, and it is just a part of the game. Pedri is still young and it can be because of the pressure.

"I have told him that it is the last one. He has to be positive and think that it is the last one. That he recovers well and when he feels good that he comes back. He is not the first player that this happens to and we have to use all our senses so that do not repeat itself."

Xavi is convinced that Pedri will bounce back in the best possible condition. The former Spanish international believes that the Canarian is just going through a patch of bad luck.

"Having so much pressure at such a young age is not easy to manage. He is not the first player this has happened to, that at the beginning of his career he has many injuries and then none more."