UEFA slaps a €32,000 fine on Barcelona for fan behaviour

Paris Saint-Germain v FC Barcelona: Quarter-final First Leg - UEFA Champions League 2023/24
Paris Saint-Germain v FC Barcelona: Quarter-final First Leg - UEFA Champions League 2023/24 / Alex Pantling/GettyImages

The UEFA Champions League exit at home was a hard pill for FC Barcelona fans. To top it off, UEFA slapped a €32,000 fine on FC Barcelona for fan behavior at the away leg.

Barcelona had won the first leg of the quarter-final away at the Parc des Princes where the fans celebrated wildly. The celebrations were so fierce that they damaged parts of the Parc des Princes stadium.

The Culés also went as far as to make racist remarks after the win. There were also N*zi salutes all over the away end. These unacceptable behaviours were topped off by fireworks.

The racist remarks also included monkey chants, directed towards the black PSG players. According to Marca, The European football body has charged Barcelona for the following:

  • Fined €2,000 for setting off fireworks.
  • Fined €5,000 for acts of damage.
  • FC Barcelona have been ordered to contact Paris Saint-Germain within 30 days for the repair of the damage caused by its supporters.
  • Fined an additional €25,000 and banned from selling tickets to its away supporters for its next away game in the UEFA Champions League.

Later, UEFA suspended the one-game ban for a probationary period of one year. What this means is that Barcelona fans can buy tickets and attend away games but any misconduct in the probationary period will result in stricter actions.

UEFA proved their charges of racist behaviour with an image which is circulating online. The image shows the Culés' misconduct at the Parc des Princes on April 10.

The Blaugranes haven't responded in any way following the allegations. FC Barcelona must come up with something to control their fans at away stadiums.

The wild mob shows the club in a bad light and can tamper the reputation of the club. Football fans have always been wild but certain things just shouldn't be a part of the game or the society.