Vitor Roque's Super Cup Absence and The Suspension of Barça's Coaches

UD Las Palmas v FC Barcelona - LaLiga EA Sports
UD Las Palmas v FC Barcelona - LaLiga EA Sports / Angel Martinez/GettyImages

FC Barcelona move on after a mortifying defeat to their nemesis, Real Madrid. While everyone was focused on the loss, we missed some details amidst the chaos. The prominent one being the absence of Vitor Roque.

Barça bought in Roque for only one purpose, that is, to score goals. But the 18-year-old winger wasn't present to do his job in the entirety of the Super Cup. Clearly, we can't blame it on the youngster as providing an opportunity is in the hands of the manager.

No one knows why Xavi opted out when it came to Vitor Roque. Maybe it's because of the fact that Xavi thinks he is too young to handle the pressure.

"The more footballers who compete against each other, the better. Vitor Roque will help us create competitiveness in the group."

via Diario AS

These were the Spanish Manager's words on the advent of Vitor Roque. Though the Catalan also emphasized on being cautious with the winger as he is only 18 years old. The most logical explanation points to the fact that the Brazilian winger might still be too young to handle to pressure.

Two Barcelona Coaches Suspended for 'Unruly Behavior'

Assistant coach Óscar Hernández and goalkeeper coach José Ramón de la Fuente were suspended for unruly behavior in different matches. Both will miss the bench in the Catalan giant's Copa Del Rey clash against Unionistas.

Goalkeeper coach José faced suspension after his acts in the Super Cup final. The coach faced charges as he protested the referee's decision regarding the 39th minute penalty. Referee Munuera reported,

"In the 40th minute, coach José Ramón De La Fuente Morato was sent off for the following reason: Clearly and ostensibly protesting a decision of mine, leaving the bench."

This resulted in José facing a two-match suspension.

Accordingly, assistant coach Óscar Hernández, who is also Xavi's brother, faced similar consequences following his actions in the game against Barbastro. The protests resulted in Óscar facing a two-match suspension for Copa Del Rey games.