Xavi Simons Sparks Barcelona Return Speculations with an Instagram Comment


Xavi Simons remains one of the most exciting players produced by La Masia. But being a La Masia graduate doesn't always equate to instant success. Simons is talented but the 20-year-old still hasn't reached his potential yet.

It is understandable, as the Dutchman is still young and has ways to go before fulfilling his capacities. Many blame that PSG transfer for the hard brakes in his fast-progressing career. Xavi opted for money instead of staying in Barcelona when he was only 16.

The PSG contract was worth €1 million annually and Barcelona couldn't afford paying a youngster so much money. Xavi made the switch, and that's where everything started going south. Although, things have turned back north for the Dutch midfielder at Leipzig and the 20-year-old just might've hinted at a Barcelona return.

Alejandro Balde recently posted a photo on Instagram. In the photo were the FC Barcelona squad celebrating the 0-3 bashing of Atlético de Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano. Xavi commented interesting emojis under the post.


via Instagram @xavisimons

The emoji reads 'soon back' and a Leopard. This comment can be interpreted in two ways. Firstly, this could be a message to Alejandro Balde, wishing his return from injury. As Xavi commented on Alejandro's post, this seems more likely unless the Dutchman wants to trick us.

But it can also be interpreted in another way and Xavi might've purposely commented under Alejandro's post to keep us guessing. The comment can also mean that Xavi Simons wants to return to Barcelona.

If he has commented with the second intent, then the Dutchman might have some surety for his claims. This means that the midfielder must have at least told his agent that he wants to move back to the Catalan capital.

Even if the player wants to return, Xavi's contract remains complex. Simon's loan spell with Leipzig ends on June 30, 2024. The Dutchman returned to PSG last year, but PSV still owns the midfielder. This is possible because of a special buy-back clause that PSG negotiated with the Dutch club.

The buy-back clause has an expiration date and PSG can buy the player in the upcoming summer transfer window for €6 million. The Parisians are ready to buy the player, but Xavi is reluctant because of limited starting opportunities in Paris.

There are no details of his release clause for other clubs and the contract with PSV runs till the summer of 2027. If Barcelona wants to buy the player, €6 million looks like the starting point for the negotiations but the player is valued at ten times the PSG release clause value, hence things will be tricky.

Laporta and co are doing their best to uplift the club from financial poverty. If their efforts bear fruit, then Xavi Simons might also be one of the players on the cards for the next transfer window.