Lionel Messi will have to make many sacrifices to continue at Barcelona

Lionel Messi faces a series of tough choices at Barcelona.

Barcelona presidential candidate, Emili Rousaud, has informed the public that Lionel Messi will have to make a few sacrifices if he wishes to continue in the club. The situation at the Catalan side is rather bleak at the moment so the points that Rousaud makes are quite valid. Messi should expect a wage cut due to their financial situation and he should also be patient for the trophies to arrive as the club is going through a transitional stage.

Earlier this year one of the biggest news in footballing history erupted, Messi filing an official request to leave his boyhood club. The news spread like wildfire and pretty soon, every news industry and media organization was covering the topic.

The forward was apparently sick of the way the club was being managed and the lack of trophies and competitiveness in the team made him want to leave. Messi is, by nature, a very competitive person who wants to win every single game. In recent years, Barcelona has been underperforming a lot and the board’s decision to just pour money into the team is not working.

The 33-year-old was linked with Manchester City however, due to a legal complication, he was forced to stay back in Spain for one more year. Now it is on everyone’s mind, will Messi leave or stay after the end of the season? According to Emili Rousaud, who is hoping to win the elections coming up on the 24th of January, Messi has to be realistic about the future of the club.

In an interview with ARA, the presidential candidate said,

“We’ll have to sit down with Messi and ask him to make a salary cut, We’ll ask him to make the sacrifice. If there’s no agreement, then Messi will leave. I believe that things have to be said as they are. We can’t fool our members. We’ll make every effort to ensure he stays, but always with the interests of the club first.”

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The Argentine will have to sacrifice a lot to stay on. The club’s finances means that he will have to take a pretty significant wage cut plus the club’s performances indicate that they might have to struggle domestically and in Europe for a few years. The lack of trophies would also hurt Messi’s chances of winning individual awards, like the Ballon d’Or. He is currently leading the race with six Ballon d’Or but Cristiano Ronaldo is right behind him with five. He would not like to surrender the lead to his arch-rival.

At the end of the day the decision is Messi’s own to make. He cannot be influenced by third parties, and fans should respect his decision regardless. He has given his entire life and career to Barcelona and if he is unhappy at the club, he should have the right to leave without people demonizing his decision.

Do you want to see Messi stay or leave?