Lionel Messi has four options for life after Barcelona

Lionel Messi of Barcelona. (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images)
Lionel Messi of Barcelona. (Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images) /
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With an expiring contract, Lionel Messi has 4 options after Barcelona.

Lionel Messi will have to make some very important decisions at the end of the season. He is allowed to talk and negotiate with any club that he wishes to at the moment but he affirms that he is focused on Barcelona. He said that he would put in one hundred percent for his club this season although he is not sure that he will continue with the club in the future.

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He has already made it clear that he will not be joining any other Spanish clubs but if he is to move to another league, he would have to uproot his whole family.

Currently, he has four options that he can choose from, each with its specific pros and cons. Let’s have a look at these options:-

#1 The MLS

One of the most shocking news that surfaced recently was that Lionel Messi had thought about joining Major League Soccer. In his Interview with La Sexta, he admitted that the thought of settling down in sunny Miami had crossed his mind several times.

He already owns a seven million dollar apartment in Miami and South Florida team, Inter Miami, are trying to acquire his signature. The club is run by English legend, David Beckham, and he has a good professional relationship with the Argentine. Beckham has a vision to bring in as many superstars as he can to his franchise and thus wants to bring in the world’s best player. A move to the MLS would mean the end of his European career and thus the 33-year-old must decide wisely. He could move to the American league later as well as it is tipped that Luis Suarez will also join Beckham’s team in 2023.