Gerard Pique talks pending Lionel Messi’s Barcelona renewal

Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona, Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona(Photo by Rico Brouwer/Soccrates/Getty Images)
Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona, Gerard Pique of FC Barcelona(Photo by Rico Brouwer/Soccrates/Getty Images) /

The Lionel Messi saga continues for Barcelona, as the player is still pending, and there is no new news about his future. The Catalans were unable to sign him to a new deal last season, and the player’s contract with the Catalunya-based club expired at the end of June, leaving him as a free agent. Although every reporter has said that he will remain as a Barcelona player, there is still that shadow of a doubt which haunts the Barca fans. However, Gerard Pique assured fans that the deal is already underway, and we should all hope for the best.

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Pique is one of Barcelona’s oldest players, and he has been there with the club since the time of Carles Puyol. He has enjoyed winning the sextuple with the Catalans, and he has also experienced the pain of being humiliated by Bayern Munich in the 2019 season. Overall, the player has experienced the highs with the club, as well as been there for the club at its very lowest of points. He knows the players in the club in and out, and has known Messi for the longest time amongst all the other players in the club.

He has surely been talking to his former club captain about the contract situation, and has surely been trying to persuade him into accepting the club’s offer. The center-back talked about the player’s situation in the Champions Gala in Madrid. He said,

"“We’re waiting for him to sign the renewal and to be able to have him with us, I hope he’s convinced,”Source Sport"

He went on to talk about the next season of the club and how the fans will make a big difference. We are all eagerly waiting for the fans to return, as the stadium just does not feel the same without the fans singing and chanting the iconic songs and rhymes. Pique ended the interview by talking about the last season.

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According to the player, the previous season was not a success even though they managed to lift the Copa del Rey. He said, without winning the La Liga or the Champions League, Barcelona cannot call the season a success. Hopefully, the upcoming season will be more fruitful, and with the new transfers, they should be able to fix the problems they had last season.