Barcelona players have to sacrifice a lot for Ferran Torres

Ferran Torres of Spain. (Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)
Ferran Torres of Spain. (Photo by David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images) /

One of the main things going on in the minds of many football fans is how Barcelona is exactly planning on affording Ferran Torres. The club is at a staggering debt of over 1 billion euros and the Torres deal did not even go according to their plans. Bara had previously planned on paying just 45 million euros for the player however, they ended up paying 55 million euros which could go up to 65 million euros due to the additional add-ons. Things are tough financially so how did they pay for the player? Well, to put it in a simple manner, they haven’t secured the player completely.

Yes, the Catalans did buy Torres, however, whether he will be allowed to play for the team or not is another topic. Firstly, the payment to Manchester City was not a problem for the European elites. Barcelona was recently given a loan of 500 million euros by an investment bank, Goldman Sachs, for Project Espai. The money was meant for a total renovation of Baca’s affiliate organizations and for the new stadium as well. The money was not meant for transfers; however, in order to make more money, Barcelona must win trophies again, and thus a player like Torres is not a bad investment.

Barcelona will struggle financially after the signing of Ferran Torres

Now that this part is resolved, what about the salary cap introduced by La Liga? That is where things get tricky, as although the retirement of Sergio Aguero has made a bit of spending room for Barca, it will not be enough for Torres. Another thing is that the Catalans are already over the La Liga salary cap and thus they have further restrictions placed on their transfers and contracts. The only way they can afford the winger is by offering him a low contract now and then improving that contract when the overall payroll of the club decreases.

Players such as Philippe Coutinho, Clement Lenglet and Samuel Umtiti are high up on the pay sheet however, they do not have many appearances and their time with the Blaugrana side is as good as over. Barcelona knows this and now it is time to act. By removing these players from their payroll, they can make a good amount of room for Torres and a couple of other signings as well. Ousmane Dembele is also running out of a contract soon thus Barca needs to offload the surplus players right now, before further complications arise.

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