Barcelona players in Euro 2024 and Copa America data analysis

Here's a look at the Barcelona players who will compete in Euro 2024 with data analysis from Copa America
UEFA EURO 2024 / Alexander Hassenstein/GettyImages

As we head into the international competitions of Euro 2024 and Copa America, the spotlight turns to Barcelona's talented roster. With 15 players representing their national teams, Barcelona's influence on these tournaments is substantial. This article provides a data-driven analysis of Barca's key players, evaluating their performances by position. By examining metrics such as goalkeeping efficiency, defensive actions, midfield creativity, and attacking prowess, we gain insights into how these players are expected to perform on the international stage.


Ter Stegen didn't have his best season and was out for a while because of a back injury, but he is still one of the best goalies in La Liga and saved some crucial shots this season for Barca. As you can see, he will be a great asset as a sweeper for teams with a high defensive line.


Andreas Christensen played center-back and defensive midfielder for Barca this season. He adapted to his new role well and helped the team regain its defensive structure. He scored some important goals against PSG, Real Madrid, and Girona.

Although Jules Kounde's defensive actions were not his best this season, he contributed well in attacks by carrying and passing the ball progressively in partnership with Yamal on the right side. As you know, his main position isn't right back, but he did well there.

Portugal seems to be a cup contender, with Cancelo's abilities in defense, especially his timing with blocking the balls, and his attacking actions, like progressive carries and dribbling, in partnership with Felix on the left flank.

Ronald Araujo also didn't have his best season. He was good at tackling and shot-blocking, but his interception rate wasn't that high this season. However, Marcelo Bielsa will be a great asset as a center-back and right-back in the upcoming Copa America.


Ilkay Gundogan, Barca's best midfielder of the season, joined as a free agent and created the most chances for Barca, even in the Champions League. Even though he mostly didn't play in his main position, he contributed well in attack by assisting 14 goals.

If Pedri remains injury-free, he will be Spain's leading goal-creating player. His strength is passing the ball progressively, especially into the final third.

Some of Frenkie DeJong's actions can't be described by data. He was one of Barca's best players this season, although he suffered from long-term injuries twice. His attacking actions, like chance creation and carrying the ball with brilliant composure, and his defensive actions, like a double pivot, were extraordinary when he stepped on the pitch.

Fermin Lopez was Xavi's hidden weapon. With Barca's midfielders injured, he performed well in creating attacking threats. He scored 11 goals this season, making him the second-highest goalscorer on the team.


Robert Lewandowski, Barca's best player of the season with the most goals and assists, didn't perform as fans expected this season. However, when things got tight, he was the point of difference for Barca.

Lamine Yamal, Barca's star boy, contributed well in attacks at 16. His ball-carrying and dribbling ability made him Barca's main man on the right wing, and he will shine for Spain in the Euro, too.

Joao Felix, who joined Barca on deadline day on loan, scored some important goals for Barca, including against his previous club in both legs. His attacking actions were brilliant in most aspects, especially his ball-carrying and chance creation.

Raphinha, Barca's most underappreciated player of the season, with his 20+ goals and assists for the second time in a row. His most noticeable strength this season was his playmaking ability, with 12 assists, and he also scored some crucial goals for Barca in the UCL.

Ferran Torres had various injuries this season, but his attacking threats in goal-scoring were brilliant when he played. He can be a valuable asset for Spain as a false nine.

Most of these players played nearly two thousand minutes on average during the season and had relatively good performances at Barca. Now, they aim to showcase their value in these important national competitions. As they enter the international stage, their contributions will be crucial for their respective teams. This data-driven evaluation highlights Barcelona's players' strengths and potential impact as they embark on their journey in Euro 2024 and Copa America.