Exploring the Latest Developments in the Flick-Barcelona Saga

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The search for FC Barcelona's new manager is still on. A dozen of coaches have been linked with The Blaugranes after Xavi announced his resignation, but one name stands out the most amongst the candidates.

German coach Hansi Flick has always been on Barça's radar since Joan Laporta's return to the club. Many reports suggest that Flick was preferred above Xavi after Roanld Koeman's sacking. Nevertheless, the German gaffer opted to serve his nation, which evidently ended in a disaster.

Even after Xavi's announcement, Flick was one of the first coaches to be the rumor's favorite for the new job. Things have escalated quickly as Sky Sports Germany suggests that the Heidelberg native has been making concrete talks with club officials behind closed doors.

Can Barcelona Overlook Hansi Flick for Head Coach Role?

Although Hansi Flick might be on Laporta's good side, this doesn't automatically hand him the role. Sporting Director and Ex-FC Barcelona Player Deco also has the big 'says' in club decisions. The former Portuguese international holds a significant role in the club management.

As Deco holds an enormous influence at the club, his recent statements don't sit well for Hansi Flick's case. In an interview with Radio Catalunya, Deco talked about the requirements to be the next Barcelona Gaffer.

"Regardless of its style, Barca has a football and a way of playing that the coaches know. I didn't have any German coaches. I had Dutch, Italian, Brazilian...nationality doesn't matter," he said. "It does matter that they know the football of other countries and have trained in other places. Quality, ambition also matters...there is no robot portrait."

via Radio Catalunya

This puts the German's case in a tricky zone. Deco says that he wants a world-class coach (in the literal meaning) but also goes on to make talks with Hansi Flick. Not to say Hansi isn't a world class coach, but Deco's subjective definition of world class doesn't fit in the German's resume.