FC Barcelona VS FFP: A Possible Champions League Ban?

UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League / James Gill - Danehouse/GettyImages

FC Barcelona could face a UEFA Champions League ban if the FFP allegations against the club reach unfavorable conclusions. Rumors say that the club is already in trouble and that the UEFA officials have taken their decisions.

Apart from FC Barcelona, nine other top clubs are being investigated for FFP related breach. The authorities plan to release the conclusion to these investigations in February of the coming year.

Die Welt reported that the UEFA officials believe the club's balance sheets are 'a mess'. The officials are thinking of a 'two to three years' ban'. The FFP fight is nothing new for the club since the Bartomeu era.

These rumors spread rapidly following Barça's release of their yearly financial report in September 2023. The reports registered €304 million in profit. The profits raised eyebrows as everyone is aware of the club's financial situation.

Barcelona included everything club-related in their financial sheets which, according to UEFA, is a wrong assessment. Adding the sale of future TV and marketing rights from other sports as well doesn't count for football.

UEFA accepts only football-related transactions to check on the club's financial situation.

History of FC Barcelona and FFP

Both FC Barcelona and FFP have had a toxic relationship since the Bartomeu era. After the ex-president of Barça left the club in financial and sporting doom, the club has been fighting to stay afloat more than ever.

Earlier this year, UEFA fined FC Barcelona with €500,000 for the same reason, for reporting irrelevant income. They tried to fight it but lost to UEFA and in the end the club was forced to pay the fine.

FFP has also restricted the club from buying more players. The arrival of Vitor Roque will only happen with the sale of big names. The club has been selling its assets hastily in order to get past the dark ages.

What lies ahead is to be seen...