Player Ratings: Almería 0-2 Barça

UD Almeria v FC Barcelona - LaLiga EA Sports
UD Almeria v FC Barcelona - LaLiga EA Sports / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

FC Barcelona traveled to the desert to take on Almería in another important match to widen the gap between them and Girona. 90 minutes later, it was 3 points secured and 2 more goals for Fermín. The ending of this season is one for rotation and perhaps easing in the return of some players, but there's still something to play for. The ratings for the team are as follows:


Ter Stegen: 7/10 - Almería had a few chances, as Barça's defense was a bit unorganized at times throughout the first half especially. However, aside from a few claims as the ball rolled in, the German didn't have much work to do. Almería's few shots weren't exactly on target. Crucially, however, as the bar seems to have lowered a bit, he didn't make any mistakes.


Fort: 7/10 - Héctor got his chance to start in this one and played a good match. He showed good ability to attack down the left, although his final ball leaves something to be desired (which is to be expected for a player with less experience). There were a few times where Lewandowski might've had a good chance but for a better ball in. However, Fort definitely looked good out there and transitioned well when the ball was lost. He's a bit of an in-between of Balde and Cancelo, and he shows promise when he plays.

Martínez: 7/10 - Another solid game, one that wasn't quite as marred by a lack of pace as the previous one. Almería didn't have quite enough to really trouble Barça, apart from one good chance, so for the most part it was a clean game.

Cubarsí: 7/10 - Along with Yamal, it's starting to get a bit concerning that he's starting every match. If a nice enough cushion over Girona is achieved, Xavi should probably think about playing Christensen or Koundé more at defense and save Cubarsí's legs a bit. His form has dipped a bit, but it's still plenty good enough for Almería on the night.

Koundé: 7/10 - Sometimes, like in this match, Barça suffer a bit by not having someone that's more of an offensive threat down the right. Someone to truly combine with Yamal and overlap or underlap him more frequently. Of course, this could be Cancelo, but Xavi seems to much prefer Koundé there (which is understandable, as he's simply a better overall player).

Cancelo: 7/10 - It was a good cameo from Cancelo, as he did provide more offensively than Fort did. By that point, Barça were well in control of the match, and he did well to help maintain that pressure on Almería's defense.


Pedri: 7/10 - Pedri seems to be recovering his form slowly but surely. It was probably a good move to take him out before the end of the match, though. He seems to need a few more games to really get in match rhythm. It's a bit obvious at times that he's playing safe and not really trying anything daring, which in a match like this is understandable.

Roberto: 7/10 - Sergi at the pivot position isn't a good option. Against a team like Almería, whose only option is to try to hit out on the break, he can't play in this position. In the first half, it was quite easy for them to have some chances (even if they didn't amount to anything). He can't defend well enough at this point, even if he plays smartly with the ball. He got the assist to Roberto once the game changed in the second half, so he can still be good at times. Just not in the pivot role.

Fermín: 9/10 - Fermín continues to impress. He always comes ready to play. His ball striking can improve, sure, but he's constantly in good positions to score. He makes good runs into the box and has great timing on those runs. He scored twice in this one, his goals being the difference. A player of his type can be extremely valuable. He reminds me very much of someone like Pedro, a Barça legend in his own right. I think he can be that type of player for this team.

Christensen: 6/10 - Didn't have to do much, but didn't do any wrong. For the 20 minutes he played, he was solid. He is getting better and better at soaking up pressure and releasing the ball quickly, though.

Romeu: 6/10 - He again barely had enough time to make much of a mark. The game was pretty much over by the time he came on, so a 6 it is.


Ferran: 6/10 - Ferran was a bit of a no show in this one. It's interesting how off the bench he finds opportunities quickly (in games where it's more up and down and there's more space). In a match like this, where Almería were mostly defending, it's more difficult for him. He seems to want to go down the center, but of course Lewandowski is there.

Lewandowski: 7/10 - He was in good positions and made good runs a few times, but they weren't able to find him. Most guilty of this was Fort, who had perhaps three good chances to squeeze one through to the striker, but failed to. However, his presence helped Fermín score twice by pulling defenders away. All in all, good match.

Yamal: 7/10 - A few good moments in this one, like when he made the defender look silly on the touchline. Not a lot of substance, however. Like Cubarsí, it may be time to give the youngster a rest. Raphinha is a different type of player, but between him and Ferran the right wing should be alright for the end of the season.

Roque: 6/10 - In his first appearance since the recent rumors swirling around his transfer, he showed off his characteristic energy. He presses like a fiend, but unfortunately that would get him a yellow card. He didn't have many chances, and the few times he did lost the ball. With all the press around him, his adaptation, and his lack of playing time, it's easy to understand why.

Félix: 6/10 - An unremarkable match from him, apart from one good moment where he almost split the defense and scored. However, even that moment suffered from overdribbling when he should've just shot a second before. Until he fixes that, he'll just be an alright player.