We need to stop comparing FC Barcelona with Real Madrid

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are two completely different clubs with differing priorities right now. We must stop comparing the two clubs...
Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - LaLiga EA Sports
Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - LaLiga EA Sports / David Ramos/GettyImages

Futbol Club Barcelona and Real Madrid Club de Futbol are the two biggest clubs in Europe. As big as they are, they also share a huge rivalry that has given us wonderful moments in soccer history. Nowadays it is hard to compare both teams because they live in very different reality.

We need to stop comparing FC Barcelona with Real Madrid

Real Madrid are now in very good and safe sport towards the future. They just won their 15th champions league this month in Wembley. They are also finishing a brand new stadium with the latest technology and on top of that, Kylian Mbappe the best player in the world is joining "Los Blancos".

Florentino Perez is doing the right things but we cannot compare it to FC Barcelona because the reality is very different. As we all know, Barcelona is recovering from a huge financial crisis and at the same time is going through a generational change. This are very long processes that take years at minimum.

The financial crisis brought by ex president Josep Maria Bartomeu made the generational change not the priority anymore. The main goal is to have Barcelona wealthy and fully recovered to then be able to grow at a faster pace.

Barcelona are targeting younger players that don't have a huge fee in comparison to Real Madrid that have a lot of money available for transfers. This the first example that shows that they are living in a very different world. Yes, they still compete in the same league and they also share the same goals.

Fc Barcelona need to lower their standards as hard as it is sounds. They don't have the same tools as Real Madrid and they are now aiming for different objectives. The generational change after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo is made. Barcelona is still in that process since Lionel Messi left 3 years ago.

Things look good as they are discovering enormous talent like Lamine Yamal, Pau Cubarsi or Alejandro Balde. Their evolution looks exciting. Will Barcelona sell them and make profit or develop them for the starting line up? The culture here is to develop and WIN with the academy but this doesn't mean is not a great opportunity to even the accounts.

Let's not forget about club values and standards. Barcelona's mission is not only winning but winning convincingly with a beautiful style of play like it happened with Johan Cruyff 30 years ago or 15 years ago with Coach Pep Guardiola.

Those are strong values FC Barcelona will always have but now for the better of the club, standards must be lowered. The goal right now is clear. Win in any way you can win. This means that they need to pay little less attention to the style of play and focused strictly in winning games. The main reason is clear.

More wins means more money. And money today, in Barcelona means future. When we compare FC Barcelona and Real Madrid we clearly see a huge difference but we need to know both situations. I am convinced that Barcelona will recover and will dominate Europe again with their spectacular style of play.