"The normal thing is for Barça to beat us, but..." Dani Martínez Prior Barça Clash

Barcelona football team insignia with The Rolling Stones...
Barcelona football team insignia with The Rolling Stones... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

After a messy win at Gran Canaria, FC Barcelona focus on their next clash against Segunda Federación outfit UD Barbastro. The 4th division club has come so far by eliminating Ponferradina and Almería, both 3rd and 1st division clubs, respectively.

The Aragonese club has pulled an underdog story, but their next rivals are one of the best in Europe and the world. Barça will face Barbastro on Sunday, 7th of January at The Gminny Stadion Sportowy. UD Barbastro will prepare for the greatest test in the club's history.

A day before kick off Mundo Deportivo, interviewed Barbastro coach Dani Martínez. MD also asked a lot about the club's next clash against The Catalan giants, which has become a subject of discussion following the underdog story.

One of the questions that the interviewer threw was about Barcelona's form and how it might affect the results.

"Well, we know what there is (smiles). We face a team of three categories (divisions) more (above) than us. A team that, regardless of whether it is in low times in the League, we are talking about the low hours in La Liga. It's Barça, it has world-class players of infinite quality. The team, for us, is one of the best in Europe and the world. So we know the rival we have in front of us. For us, it is a historic day and we will try to enjoy and compete to make things difficult for them, with our team, players and fans."

Dani Martínez (via Mundo Deportivo)

In another question the interviewer asked Dani whether he thinks Xavi will go all out.

"I don't know what Xavi will do, but the only thing I know is that Barça has(wants) to win all the competitions, and that is more than clear. They have (want) to win the Cup, just as they have (want) to win the League and everything they compete for. Regardless of whether it (they) comes with everything or not, what can we say about the young players: they have a wonderful game. Whoever comes, we know their quality. At a collective and individual level, they make differences at any time. Whatever (Whoever) comes, with our weapons, we will try to make things difficult."

Dani Martínez (via Mundo Deportivo)

The ultimate questions regarding the match were about the chances of tying and will Barbastro come back with a 'result'.

"If against Almería I said that we had 1% (smiles), then it is reduced much more. Right now, we have to be realistic. The normal thing is that, in this match, Barça comes and wins. It's natural. Dream? Everyone can dream, but we know that it is a very, very difficult thing.
With a result, no (smiles). The normal thing is for Barça to beat us, but hey, if we have a percentage that can be 0.001%, we are going to try to take advantage of it. Above all, for us, it is the historical event of Barbastro, for what Barbastro is. We hope that it will be quite a party, that Barça's stay here will also be very good, to the extent possible, that they will remember us and that it will be a pleasant visit. At the end of the game, may we be proud of the work we have done and may the Barbastro fans also be proud of us."

Dani Martínez (via Mundo Deportivo)