Jordi Cruyff set for Barcelona return if Joan Laporta is elected as president

Jordi Cruyff, his mother Danny Coster and Sergio Busquets of FC Barcelona. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)
Jordi Cruyff, his mother Danny Coster and Sergio Busquets of FC Barcelona. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images) /

With the Barcelona presidential election to be held within a week, all three candidates have started revealing the details of their plans for the future.

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The elections have caused many names being wrongfully attached with a certain candidate, like when Laporta opened up about signing both Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe if he gets elected. The former president even went as far as stating that he already has a plan in motion to make it a reality.

Another bold statement made by Laporta was the idea that he is the only person that can manage to convince soon-to-be free-agent Lionel Messi to extend his stay at Camp Nou. Fellow candidate, Victor Font, has bashed Laporta for making false promises just to bolster his chances at the election but that has not stopped the media from speculating who is the better candidate.

The latest name being mentioned now is the return of Jordi Cruyff, the son of Barca legend, Johan Cruyff. Sport reports that journalist Oriol Domenech suggests that the Shenzhen coach will be joining team Laporta.

Cruyff might have a role in the future of Barcelona

The strange part of this speculation is the fact that Font has already publically stated that his appointment will lead to Cruyff’s return as he wants Jordi to be the sporting director. But there might be some reality behind Jordi’s return regardless of which of the two candidates gets elected as he has already revealed the intention of returning to the Nou Camp.

"“It’s not about aligning with anyone, the candidates called him because in the case that they win, they want him in their team. We saw in the debate all three (Toni Freixa is the third candidate) have spoken with Xavi,” Domenech revealed to Esport 3.Source Sport"

Meanwhile, Laporta’s plan is to make a partnership between Mateu Alemany and Cruyff where one would be the general manager while the other the sporting director but both will have equal power when making decisions.

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Will Cruyff’s return begin a new successful era for Barca?