FC Barcelona crowned Forbes’ Football Rich over Real Madrid

Real Madrid and Barcelona club crests. (Photo by Visionhaus)
Real Madrid and Barcelona club crests. (Photo by Visionhaus) /

Barcelona may be short on money at the moment however, according to the latest reports from Forbes’, they are the most valuable club in the world. The Blaugrana have managed to topple arch-rivals, Real Madrid in terms of valuation and this just shows the amount of quality the club still has. The figure might go down in a couple of years as Joan Laporta is planning on selling quite a few players to accommodate some new players and stabilize the club’s finances.

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According to Forbes’ list of the Richest Clubs in the World, Barca are at the tippy top of the table, being valued at around 4.76 billion dollars. Real Madrid comes as a close second on 4.75 billion dollars. The list had been dominated mostly by Real Madrid and Manchester United in the previous years however, shockingly, it was the Blaugrana who managed to come out on top this time.

Barcelona top the Forbes’ list of most valued football club

According to Mike Ozaian, who compiled the list, the average net worth of the top 20 most valuable teams have gone up by 30 percent although there has been a global pandemic which has been reducing the revenue for clubs all over the globe. He said in the article,

"“The world’s 20 most valuable soccer teams are worth an average of $2.28 billion (£1.66bn) apiece, an increase of 30% from two years ago, the last time we published the ranking,”“The jump comes despite a decline in revenue caused by limited attendance during the pandemic, with buyers focused on what they see as still untapped revenue potential in the sport’s massive global following.”Source Goal via Forbes"

The clubs are still feeling the effects of the pandemic as prices of players are all inflated and the lack of attendance in the stadiums are making them think of other ways to pull in revenue. Social Media and new media such as Youtube and Esports are rapidly growing. Along with that, streaming services are also their best way of earning money in these dire conditions.

The rest of the table was predominantly filled with English clubs however, the most impressive rise has to be for Paris Saint-Germain. The French champions made a 129% rise in the two years’ time and are ranked ninth on the table. Juventus on the other hand has fallen out of the top 10 although they boast arguably the most marketable player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo.

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